Online Scrum Master Summit: “Scrum Masters, the stage is yours. Own it!”

Online 20 Jun 2022
Wendbaar organiseren

Van 20 t/m 24 juni vindt de internationale online Scrum Master Summit van Agile Pro Center plaats. Tijdens dit online evenement komen Scrum Masters van over de hele wereld samen om te netwerken en kennis te delen over Agile en Scrum. Laat je inspireren en informeren over de laatste ontwikkelingen binnen Agile en Scrum. De informatie die tijdens de verschillende sessies langskomt is interessant voor alle Scrum Masters.

Consultant Lorraine Ho op het (online) podium

Collega Lorraine is gevraagd om te spreken tijdens deze summit. De titel van haar sessie is ‘Scrum Masters, the stage is yours. Own it!’

Consultant Lorraine Ho

“Lorraine is a relentless and continuous learner and believes responsible failure invites learning moments in people, teams and organizations. Especially in this digital age where change is the only constant. Lorraine is driven by having fun at work, which she thinks is of equal importance to having fun in LIFE – especially with other people! By the way, in working life Lorraine is a business consultant with a focus on the (Scaled) Agile way of working and everything that comes with that WoW. In other words, Lorraine is a Jane of All Trades. Or better: she is just simply Lorraine, no further titles required.

Lorraine loves colors and she supports bringing the all the colors (which you may call Authenticity) out of every person, linking this to Leadership and Ownership. In her session Lorraine wants to explore with the session’s participants the ownership of their colors by making the call: “Scrum Masters, the stage is yours. Own it!”

Bekijk hele programma op de website van Scrum Master Summit. Inschrijven is gratis.